Privacy Across Borders (PAB) is currently accepting blog and paper submissions! We welcome submissions in accordance with the requirements below.

All Submissions:

  • Must be on a privacy issue relating to restrictions on cross-border data flows. We are interested in how different countries are approaching this issue
  • Written to inform, educate, and clarify rather than to express opinions
  • Submissions must be in MS Word
  • Must be the author’s original work
  • The PAB team will have editorial discretion over the submission
  • Author will be expected to make edits after the PAB team provides feedback on the submission

Blogs posts:

  • Please use hyperlinks for your citations as opposed to footnotes
  • 500-700 words
  • Written in a conversational style


  • 2,000 word minimum
  • Written in a way that is suitable for a law journal publication (e.g. using formal Bluebook citations)

Please submit your work to If you are interested in writing for PAB and have questions before submitting, please reach out to us.