Our research approach is to focus on identifying and conveying practicable solutions to real-world problems. We share ideas and insights in our interactions with experts, practitioners, and stakeholders on an ongoing basis. We will use this page to post papers and publications related to our research throughout the life of the project. Published work as part of the Privacy Across Borders project may be found below:

  1. Opaque Notification: A Country-by-Country ReviewLauren Mantel, June 5, 2023
  2. Necessity, Proportionality, and Executive Order 14086Alex Joel, May 23, 2023
  3. The “Real Life Harms” of Data Localization Policies (Discussion Paper 1)Centre for Information Policy Leadership | Data Localization and Government Access to Data Stored Abroad (Discussion Paper 2)Shanzay Pervaiz and Alex Joel, March 30, 2023
  4. “Without Confirming or Denying”: Opaque Notification and National Security RedressAlex Joel, February 22, 2023
  5. Protecting Privacy and Promoting Transparency in a Time of Change: My Perspective after 14 Years as Civil Liberties Protection OfficerAlex Joel, February 13, 2023
  6. Judicial Review of the Determinations of the New Data Protection Review Court Under the Administrative Procedure ActAlexandra Cohen, October 20, 2022
  7. Executive Order 14086 on Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities (Reformatted)The White House, October 7, 2022
  8. A Short History of the Fair Information Practice Principles as a Foundation for Personal Data Sharing Across BordersJohn Kropf, Tech, Law & Security Progam, July 8, 2022
  9. A Timeline of U.S.-EU Transatlantic Data FlowsFrancesca Oliveira, Tech, Law & Security Program, January 26, 2022
  10. Redress: What is the problem?Alex Joel, Francesca Oliveira, European Law Blog, September 28, 2021
  11. Protect Privacy. That’s an Order.Alex Joel, Lawfare, April 6, 2021